Thursday, January 24, 2008

you don't need a big, red nose

In the combined spirits of:
  • we are not alone
  • digital connectiviy
here's a snippet from Doug Johnshon's* post today:
I am not convinced that kids need constant entertainment anymore that any of us do. But they do demand, and should, learning that is engaging.
Additionally, he asserts:
It's a fallacy to believe today's students are unhappy unless they are entertained...

Perhaps the greatest distinction is that entertain is often passive, whereas engagment is active or interactive.
His points must ring with clock-work precision as we consider our students, our culture, and how we are to train ourselves and our colleagues in the years ahead.

* over on the right side of the page, please take note of the 'educationally relevant' blogroll. Here, blogs of interest will be listed for quick and easy access. Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk Blog is a phenomenal read. His heart, his mind, and his writings, are all focused on learning.

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